Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal

Contemporary transformation, where the variety of Palm Oil is not only used as a source of oil. But also take advantage of the pile of shell production waste that has been a complaint. Something that is neglected can in fact be processed into raw materials with high rupiah value, environmentally friendly as well as without pollution.

palm kernel shell charcoal

Call it one of them is to make the shell or coconut shell as Charcoal Briquettes. Hard characteristics of the shell containing a combination of elements in it. Among them are moist water content, low ash intensity, high evaporation and mo

derate active carbon content, making it an efficient raw material. To be clear, it would be nice to know the advantages of palm shells as charcoal briquettes in a complex manner. As an antidote to this curiosity, you should read the reviews below to the end.

Benefits of Palm Shells as Charcoal Briquettes

Basically charcoal briquettes are an alternative fuel that uses wood and shells as the main media. This briquette is projected to be able to replace ancient natural resources which are very popular with the needs of the community. The briquette material itself is processed by first being mashed which is then mixed with starch and formed in special molds as needed.

The ongoing process will certainly have an impact on the quality of the use of charcoal briquettes made from palm shells. As for some of the advantages of palm kernel shell charcoal briquettes, they will be presented in a straightforward manner as follows:

Environmentally friendly

The utilization of this palm shell production waste also has the advantage of being friendly to the environment. This is because the palm shell contains elements that are rich in benefits. Among them, starting from having a minimal ash content, which is approximately 2-3%.

So that the burn marks leave less ash. Contains the intensity of the moisture content (moisture in Analysis), which is 7-8%. In addition, it also has around pure activated carbon (fixed carbon) with a lot of intensity of 20-22%.

And the quantity of volatile matter (evaporation rate) which can be categorized is quite high, which is around 69-70%. All of these elements make palm shells the main fuel medium whose status is friendly to the environment.

Renewable Resource Benefit

Palm shells which are abundant industrial production waste (wasted) can be used as an easily renewable resource. In the sense of being the main media for the presence of Palm kernel Shell Charcoal Briquettes as an alternative fuel.

Palm kernel shell charcoal specifications are as follows:

Contains at least 80%

carbon fix Water Content max 10%

Volatile Matter max 10%

Ash Content max 5%

Sulfur max 0.1%

Calorie Min 6800

kcal Size 2-10mm (natural size)

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