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CV. SANJAYA MULTI ARTHA, is an Agribusiness company that provides procurement services or distributors of palm oil waste commodities. Founded in 2015, this company was initially engaged in distributing palm ash fertilizer for plantations in the Pekanbaru and surrounding areas as well as distributing empty fruit bunches to burning bricks, but along with its development, this company also processes empty palm oil bunches into compost/organic fertilizer and also as an alternative material for burning boiler engines.

Supported by innovative staff and from field experience CV. SANJAYA MULTI ARTHA provides certain functional innovations for industrial companies that have been using palm shells as fuel for their industrial boilers, now shells can be replaced with empty palm oil bunches as boiler fuel and also with very large profits that will be made. get Company.


– Making an alternative function to replace coal and palm oil shells from palm oil mill waste which so far have not been fully utilized by palm oil mills.

– Provision of raw material for empty palm oil bunches to industrial factories as an alternative to coal and oil palm shells.

– Providing excellent and inexpensive service to meet all boiler fuel needs for industrial companies.

Palm Oil Bunches For Factory Boiler Combustion

Oil palm empty fruit bunches are palm oil waste which is currently widely used by plantation companies as a substitute for chemical fertilizers, namely compost. And also organic fertilizer from palm ash and some palm oil processing companies sell their empty bunches by the community to be used as fuel for burning bricks, which they used to use wood for fuel. Because firewood is getting more and more expensive day by day, they switch to empty palm oil bunches which they feel are very economical in terms of price and the combustion (heat) is better than firewood.



  • Company Name                           : SANJAYA MULTI ARTHA, CV
  • CEO                                                 : Haris Sanjaya
  • Address                                          : Jl. Padang Bolak Ds. I Gg. Family Naga Timbul.,Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang, North Sumatera
  • Address Marketing Office           : Jln. Naga TImbul Ds. IV Naga Timbul
  • Telephone Number 1                   : (62) 81 260368127
  • Telephone Number 2                   : (62) 81 273001221
  • Business Registration Number  :
  • Main Products                               : Palm Kernel Cake/Expeller, Palm kernel Shell Charcoal,  Organic fertilizer of
  •                                                            Palm bunch ash ,Cocopeat, Rice husk, Coconut Charcoal, etc
  • Established Company                 : 2015
  • Home Page                                   : /
  • E-mail                                             : /
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