Fish Meal

Fish Meal is fish meal powder obtained after fresh raw fish is cooked, dried and squeezed. Fish meal is a valuable animal protein supplement and a great source of vitamins, minerals and other growth stimulating factors. Fish meal is usually used as a supplement to achieve high nutritional value, especially in aquaculture and animal feed.

Fish Meal Fertilizer is 100% organic, natural, digested & fermented fertilizer, light in weight with 0.7 density. Contains steamed bone meal, blood meal, & different types of cakes. Vital contents are the microorganism especially Cyanobacteria & Mycorrhiza, both having good nitrogen fixing ability, Blood meal & Bone meal increases the NPK contents of soil.

Spesification :

Origin : Indonesia

Color : Brown

Protein : 45 – 50% Max

Fat : 10 – 12% Max

Moisture : 7 – 12% Max

Ash : 22 – 25% Max

Acid Value : 25% Max

Sand : 2% Max

Salt : 2% Max

Packing : PP/PE (20Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg)  Jumbo Bag (1000Kg, 1100Kg, 1250Kg)

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