Crab Shell Meal

Crab Shell Meal is one of fishery waste that has not been used optimally. Crab shells contain high calcium carbonate and chitin, so it is very possible to be developed as a source of minerals or natural ingredients. Crab shells are very good for animal feed because they contain protein. And can be used for organic fertilizer.

Spesification :

Origin : Indonesia

Grade : AA

Style : Dried

Protein : 30 – 35% Min

Color : White-Red

Moisture : 12% Max

Impurity : 4% Max

Fibre : 13%

Sand and Silica : 3%

Ash : 10 % Max

Size : 1-4 mm, 5-6 mm, 5-8 mm

Packing : PP/PE (20Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg) Jumbo Bag (1000Kg, 1100Kg, 1250Kg)

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